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An ACTUAL Training program? No way, dude!

February 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Over the course of the last 10 days, I have scored the Internet Machine in search of: An Actual Marketing Training Program.

What I found were literally THOUSANDS of websites offering their products/services, blog connections and more.

In addition to the back link to my-product-forum and web sites that want you to ‘join their mailing list’ (which, btw is a nifty Lead Generating Tool) I found a host of really great MOTIVATIONAL websites. Some based on the Law of Attraction, some on the Secret, even others based on something so strange that I could not even define it.

I know most if not all of these websites mean well, but the truth is, NOT ONE offered a practical, step by step process or training program for their affiliates. I am not against motivation. Because any business owner knows people need motivation.

A long time ago, I had someone tell me: “Money is just a word people talk about. Like football or women or hunks or babies. These are ALL great things. Countless Marketers from food products to web development have spent a fortune in motivation seminars to help them keep themselves going. motivation makes people talk A LOT about money or their preferred product/market. Motivation is a good thing, but it is not training.


The simple truth here is this: it is great, and highly recommended that every Network Marketer attend at least one motivational seminar every three to six months. At least one, if not two. However, the actual  skill  you need to effectively put that motivation to good use, falls on the shoulders of TRAINING.

It is no secret that 98% of Network Marketers are NEVER TRAINED to be Marketers, not their sponsors or up line. What they do is take ‘whatever they know’ and teach the Newbies the same thing. They push and push for New business, never realizing that the present business is just as important as the new. These 98% will tell you they are not getting the results they expected. Their new affiliates will either ‘hold on for dear life’ in the hope of things turning around or will quit altogether in less than three months.

Most will justify it by saying: “well, they just didn’t have what it takes to make it in this business”. EXACTLY!

Because what it takes to make it in Marketing or ANY business is Training, and some Motivation.

Example 1:

You are a Chef. Each day you must create a new dish and present that dish to your staff AND the public.

You really do a bang up job of making this dish, it tastes phenomenal. Now, you let the entire staff of cooks and waiters taste it. They think it is phenomenal too! Awesome. You put it on the specials board and off you go. Customers come in and look curiously at the new special. The waiter comes to the table and tells them the special. One or two just immediately go for it. But, many look curiously at the waiter: What’s in it? How is it prepared? The waiter kind of grunts and says: I dunno, let me go ask the chef. By the time the waiter comes back 99% of those people will have made a different choice.

Was it the waiters fault? No. They were never told what the dish was or how i was prepared.

Now, onto the kitchen. The chef is busy making up another recipe while the cooks are busy slinging hash. They get ten or twenty people who order the special. The sous chef tells the chef and of course they get excited! After about five minutes, the chef comes to see how things are going -standard follow up. He freaks when he looks at the dish about to be served to the customer. What is that, he shouts!? The nervous cook replies, the special. The chef all but cries on the spot. Twenty orders and not one of the cooks can make the dish EXACTLY the way the chef did.

This is a great example about consistency AND training. In both respects, the cooks were not properly trained nor the waiters properly informed. As a result twenty NEW customers either left hungry, or worse, got something the did not expect, all the cooks are upset because they just wasted all that food and the waiter is about to quit, because they just lost out on $300 worth of tips. All that hype, motivation, creative energy -wasted for a simple lack of proper training.

If you are not willing to take the steps necessary to train your team, then at least give them the power-tool to do it. either way, you and your business willl benefit. We literally guarantee it.

-spheric thinking for a global network marketplace


untapped $2 trillion industry

January 29, 2010 Leave a comment

When you think of HBB, MLM, Network Marketing, what come to mind? Health, Nutrition, Real Estate, Website Reselling.

What if you found a real, untapped market chock-full of potential? What if you knew that market had presently 300 Million consumers worldwide and a Net Income Potential [NIP] of over two-trillion USD?

Nearly the entire network marketing industry today is geared toward health/nutrition products that can be distributed in several ways to it consumers, including everything from weight control, energy drinks to super-food liquids. In the last four years a host of new companies have stepped into the scene and reached outstanding heights financially themselves, yet less than 2% of their entire affiliate group is earning six figure incomes.

It is projected that 1/3 of the present business owners will be looking for a new opportunity this year.

In addition, according the U.S. Dept of Consumer Affairs, the cost to open and operate a small business will cost anywhere from $10,ooo to $100,000 per person -less the cost of advertising, product, consumer base research & development. It is also estimated that nearly 1 million people, between the ages of 25-45 will attempt to open a business or join a mlm/network market company this year. 98% will quit in less than 90 days.

With extensive market saturation, the health/nutrition sector will either have to expand its consumer base by 30%, reduce its product cost by half or restructure their affiliate income structure, to meet the changing economic shift in their respective areas. The largest consentration of companies -that are over ten years successful- will see a dramatic shift in product distribution, new affiliate entry and most definitely a drop in sales.

Despite the changes and challenges to be faced by the health/nutrition sector, there stands an industry that has flourished and grown to nearly twice it volume and value since the economic ‘downturn’. A customer base of nearly 5 billion people is increasing daily. This industry is entertainment. The latest proof is movies. A Box Office Report stated that in the last 2 years, movie theater ticket sales rose a dramatic 350%, with the average ticket being $18 USD for a prime time viewing. The biggest increase by far:You guessed it, MUSIC. Apple Inc./ iTunes reported outstanding earnings while other companies in the technology sector were scrambling to stay above water. Even when half of the banking sector failed, the entertainment industry was UNTOUCHABLE. released a statement last year saying that the number of quality musicians would increase to over 5 million in 2010 and maybe 8 million by 2020. The Independent Music industry has produced unimaginable tlaent that has otherwise gone unnoticed by the ‘mainstream’ internet media groups. At least 1 in 3 musicians labels themselves Independent, having released two or more full albums, videos and singles than all the mainstream artists combined.

This sector has also been IGNORED by MLM and Network Marketing entrepreneurs as well. Yet, the rich content is there. The consumer base already in place and consumers spending anywhere from $1,500 to a whopping $5,000 annuallly on digital entertainment. That in itself is astounding. But here is the untapped truth: if each consumer were to purchase $5,000 annum in a market of just 300 million, the net value of income would be $1.5 Trillion! Not billion, TRILLION.

soi360 has had this in mind for quite some time. We first designed a stock market approach to it, which seemed to peek interest but due to the stock market situation last year, turned out to be short lived, but not dead. In looking ahead to the industry, its extensive possibilities, pioneer entrepreneur and owner of the company, James C Snaith, decided to shift gears and turn the entire industry on its feet. Combining the concept of pure Network Marketing, with digital media by exclusive Independent Artists in every genre, worldwide, he saw a new horizon. A Spheric modal.

Take those ordinary people, with extraordinary drive and a desire to own their own business; couple it with a Internet Based NM program; add some amazing talent core and you have soi360. The worlds first and only Spheric Concept for Independent Music.

And this is just the beginning.

The company is new, yes, but gaining momentum each day. Word on the street is people ARE looking at soi360 and the music industry in a new light. Plans include expanding into film, literature, photography and artwork again by an international community.

This would make soi360 the first of its kind in the history of Network Marketing, completely re-energize the Independent Sector and, not to forget, make the global consumer net worth well over $15 Trillion dollars. That would be worth more than ALL MLM/Network Marketing companies combined!

soi360 – spheric thinking for a global network marketplace