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from a primal need to uber succeed

January 31, 2010 2 comments

The most primal need to your success in any business is understanding the basics of how-to enter that market, engage the concept-customer, present your product-service effectively and ultimately have that customer accept your product-service above any other.

Sound extremely challenging, yes?
In some cases it can be, but it does not HAVE TO be.

There are many, many excellent companies, products, services and ideas out there for you to try. Some have tried a few and because the end result wasn’t to there expectation, decided to quit or close their business. This is somewhat disheartening: given the amount of energy, time and money the average business owner invests in their business.

Were all those business opportunities ‘not for everyone’ – more specifically  not for you? ABSOLUTELY NOT! ( that is our final answer ).

All of those -and any other company- are for you!  You wanted to be involved on some level which is why you engaged that idea in the first place. So what went wrong? One of two things:

  1. Motivation
  2. Proper Training

Having been in three different types of business over the last fifteen-twenty years, first hand I can tell you 99% of the issue is not motivation, it is training. Take for example a restaurant -one of the toughest businesses to open, operate, retain employees, have a solid product and get both new and repeat business. There are many positions and opportunities. Each department has its own method of training yet all those methods come together to form one unique and successful business.
Sales works the same. Many things to sell, many different ways, but all for the same purpose, success. MLM/NM are perhaps the best forms of business for many reasons. The top two are freedom to grow and unlimited profitability. Yet, even being apart of a NM, I never saw a complete training course that worked for any Network Marketer/Home Based Business owner.

When you understand the basic layout, you can inject any concept/product into it and see immediate, as well as, long lasting results.

so, let me ask you this:

  1. Do you and your entire team know the 5 crutial steps to a sale?
  2. What or how to you respond to a rejection? How many times do you accept a rejection before you drop the conversation?
  3. Do you know about the Triangle?
  4. How about the Law of Averages v. The Law of Attraction?
  5. What is rehashing?
  6. Are you overusing the ‘power of the web’ and getting caught in the loop of web-website-site sensation, just bouncing information from yourself to yourself?
  7. Are you spending more time being business-y or busy having more time?

These are just a few of the things the soi360 Training Course offers. To find out how you & your direct affiliates/ partners can take this course, tweet me: @scentofindie .